Dating in the dark britney lookalike

Dating in the dark britney lookalike

And if you’re not dancing then people are going to be like, “Uh, what are they doing?

” How about the transformation process—what is the most difficult part?

I think even if I wasn’t impersonating her I would still be such a huge fan.

The fun in it is [that] my homework is to study Britney Spears’ choreography and learn her music and work on costumes that are replicas, so I really have the most amazing job in the world.

And we should be keeping it fresh and current, especially with her right down the street.Britney had a very public meltdown a few years back. I did get hired to do the Comedy Festival with HBO, and they wanted to have me take my wig off at the very end—and I had a shaved head.I did that, and only because it was the right time to do it. It kind of takes what I do and puts it in a bad light if I start gaining weight or coming onstage with an umbrella.To be a fan of hers and then to get to impersonate her around the world is such an honor.With Britney’s arrival in town this month, have any changes been made to your acts in Divas Las Vegas? This is the best time for me to get out there and promote the Britney Jean album.

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A lot of people are upset by reports that Britney will lip-sync her way through the show. I think that anyone who has a problem with Britney lip-syncing should probably get onstage in front of thousands of people, learn all of her choreography and go through the whole show singing live—and then we’ll see if they’ll sing live and have the backlash from the critics on not sounding perfect because they’re dancing the whole way through the show. It’s the reason that I moved to Vegas and just took a leap of faith, because that song was so powerful. There’s no one, in my eyes, that’s more beautiful than Britney Spears.

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