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They played the Indigo Girls on their stereo, danced around their kitchen, and talked about summer solstice as casually as my mother discussed the church bake sale.

I only went back to my house to sleep, escaping out the back door every morning before my dad could catch me.

She moved in a daze through my father’s shouted words and hid for hours in the bathroom, planning the escape she’d execute later that fall.

Every morning I’d show up on Carrie’s doorstep and her mothers took me in.

The mother of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock once described him as a 'bad boy' during a conversation with a neighbor, it has been revealed.

Jorge Juertes lived next door to Paddock's mother when she resided in Dallas, Texas, and said he met the man once.

She [his mother] said he's a bad boy.' Another neighbor, Maria Alameida, recalled that he bought the house for his mother in 2004 before brother Eric moved her to Florida some time later.

The Star-Telegram reports that Paddock himself worked in Texas until some time in 2010, and owned a pilot's licence while there.

And at nights, when the air hung hot and humid, we’d play truth or dare.“Truth,” I picked, tossing the well-read issue of on her bed. We collapsed into giggles, tanned legs wound together and thighs touching, and later lied to her mothers about the hot pink nail polish we’d spilled on her comforter.After I’d ripped the inseam of my brand new, eighty-dollar Guess jeans trying to scale the fence around the local cemetery I’d been going for the ‘truth’ option more. Our games veered back and forth between the children we’d been and the women we’d become. Earlier that year, I’d read the headline “War” on a newspaper and it wasn’t in a history class.We were the only two girls our age in the neighborhood.My strictly religious family attended church every Sunday morning, worship services on Sunday night, and Wednesday night youth group. Her two mothers, Penny and Joy, lived around the block from my parents’ brick Edwardian house in a small two-story bungalow that they were constantly improving.

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