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Arriving at the scene of a major emergency with a well-ordered unit and intact command structure can be another motivation.By the French Revolutionary Wars of the late 18th century, effective naval convoy tactics had been developed to ward off pirates and privateers.From a tactical point of view, World War I–era submarines were similar to privateers in the age of sail.These submarines were only a little faster than the merchant ships they were attacking, and capable of sinking only a small number of vessels in a convoy because of their limited supply of torpedoes and shells.Some convoys contained several hundred merchant ships.The most enduring system of convoys were the Spanish treasure fleets, that sailed from the 1520s until 1790.To protect a convoy against a capital ship required providing it with an escort of another capital ship, at very high opportunity cost (i.e.

Dadurch wirken sie immer ein wenig scheu und schüchtern – machen aber brav was man sagt.

Actual analysis of shipping losses in World War I disproved all these arguments, at least so far as they applied to transatlantic and other long-distance traffic.

Ships sailing in convoys were far less likely to be sunk, even when not provided with an escort.

Pornogutschein möchte, dass Du Spaß an unseren Angeboten hast, deswegen achten wir immer darauf, dass Betreiber die bei uns werben Deine Daten streng nach Bundesdatenschutzgesetz behandeln.

Solltest Du eine Zahlung leisten, wird Deine Zahlung über einen seriösen Paymentanbieter abgewickelt -€“ der Seitenbetreiber bekommt Deine Finanzdaten nie zu Gesicht.

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