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My girlfriend from work said gangsta because its more hard-core whereas thug lovin' is more like a hobby.

I believe in love, happy endings, and I refuse to believe chivalry is dead.

I mean, it shows that he's thoroughly thinking things through so the engagement and wedding goes as smoothly as possible. If a man can't/won't commit to a time frame for proposal/marriage, it's because he doesn't truly desire to be committed to YOU. HE SUGGESTS A "TRIAL PERIOD" OF SHACKING UPIf a man tells you that you two need to live together before proposal/marriage, it's because he's trying to get all the benefits of marriage without being married.

As granny would say, "baby girl, he's trying to get the milk without buying the cow." Now, I'm not knocking unmarried couples that live together or couples that do the "Oprah-Stedman thing." But I know tons of women who engage in "marriage trail periods" with non-committal men.

As such, girls everywhere have had to divide and specialize themselves into several categories of “game.” Short game: These people have mastered the concept of the job interview.

The old adage goes, “You don’t get a second chance at a first impression,” and chances are, they’ve never even flirted with needing a second chance.

However, this rule only applies if you are exclusively dating for a respectable amount of time.

Overall, men with marriage in mind usually want to show off their potential future wife.

Any girl will tell you, regardless of sexuality or originally-assigned gender, this is usually not the case.And ultimately, if a man tells you he needs a temporary "trial period" of shacking up to see if you're "the one," you need to simply tell him that you need a permanent trial period of dating other men. HELPS MAKE A BABY BUT DOESN'T EVEN MENTION MARRIAGEA real man desires an intact family unit for their child/children.Men do like structure and security in their lives- and the family unit (), but he still doesn't, at the very minimum, even talk about putting a ring on it. YOU'VE BEEN EXCLUSIVE BUT HAVE NOT MET HIS FAMILY/FRIENDSNot meeting your man's mother/parents/family/friends is a sign that he hasn't fully let you into his life.Which brings me to the issue at hand: It seems like everyday I come across women who have chosen to abandon all sense of logic and common sense when it comes to the pursuit of a man or "the ring." Whether it's tolerating disrespect, choosing to stay in dead end relationships, or accepting side-eye relationship statuses, women unfortunately, and all too often, give up our power to men who have not earned our love.Trust me, I know what it is to be in love and "blind." I've been hurt. But I've taken my love-lumps and learned from my mistakes.

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