Etc portage package unmask needs updating

Thus you have to help portage to guide it to upgrade side by masking old packages and disabling autounmask feature.Thus I don’t think this particular hack can be easily encoded in portage.

These packages are the main source for software installation and management.This package repository is a set of package metadata (so no source code or binary package) about software that can be installed on Gentoo.You can find the Portage tree at Because all this information is simple, the ebuild file is a text file.If the installed package is the same version as the keyworded version then the installed package is checked to see if it is still keyworded.If it has been stabilized, the line is obsoleted, otherwise it is retained. /bin/env python import re import portage vartree = portage.db[portage.root]['vartree'] with open('/etc/portage/package.accept_keywords') as f: for x in f: # eat newline x = x.rstrip() # we only want lines with a bounded max version if re.match('^(=| or you will clobber the file and lose everything. The homepage link points to eix.but this doesn't exist.

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if specified, --out is ignored.") args = parser.parse_args() def check Installed(package): with open(os.devnull, 'w') as devnull: status = call('qlist -IC "' str(package.split()[0].strip()) '"', shell=True, stdout=devnull) return status == 0 @contextlib.contextmanager def get Out File(args): if args.inplace: fh = open(args.infile, 'w') elif args.outfile !

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