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The offerings are usually bloodless: “Most of the time it would be a sacrifice of bread, meat or other agricultural products,” assures Dragomir.

One very specific ritual for Rodnovers is – the wedding.

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I don’t know anyone else who could say that,” he boasts, underlining that Rodnovers seldom find understanding on the part of their families.

Pre-Christian Slavs used to live off the land; it is no surprise that their holidays are strictly connected to seasons and nature cycles.

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“So he was identified with the natural power of thunder and the oak tree – the hardest and strongest tree in the woods.” For Luiza, gods are a secondary issue in Rodnovery.Each group represents a different take on crucial questions of faith: rituals, religious holidays, and even gods.For Dragomir, gods are nothing else but moral ideals, allegorically represented by Slavs as natural phenomenons.“[Some Rodnovers] think, that we care more about dressing up in medieval clothes than the spiritual side,” says Dragomir, who practices Rodnovery in a re-enactment group called .“Well, every religion has some kind of festive clothing, I don’t see why ours shouldn’t be Slavic and historic.” Due to the lack of written records and organisational fragmentation, there is no single, unified Rodnovery movement.

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They passed on their traditions orally,” explains Dragomir. Despite these difficulties, Rodnovery is growing more and more popular amongst Polish people.

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