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Can Serbian homeland debate relate to Croatian one?

My dear friend Now I will explaine to you some theories which are widely accepted troughout european archeological and anthropological institutes and colleges concerning Croats.

Perhaps because Chrobatians - Schokci, camed later to Croatia and to a parts whitout any Ilirian tribes (Slavonia and Srijem) is the reason they have today greater percent of "slavic" genes in them.

Since I live in Srijem i can tell that here people are mostly shorter in stature then people from Dalmatia and Herzegovina and there is more blonde haired people in average then in Dalmatia and Herzegovina.

I think that Slavs were never inclined to the sea or sailing. Those people from the Adriatic coast and islands, which the Serbs and Croats are fighting about, are probably assimilated locals, who lived there before the Slavs came on the Balkans.

And you are right, we cannot speak about croats or serbs in today croatian adriatic coast in late 5th and early 6 century.

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Those people that lived in Dalmatia before Croats came were named by slavs (no matter serbs or croats) as: WLACH, or VLAHS...

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