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They did this by releasing the illegal substance Dance Powder to cause the drought in the country.

All these missions together led toward the takeover of Alabasta and Crocodile's ultimate goal, the Ancient Weapon Pluton that is said to be hidden somewhere in the kingdom.

It really does seem gimmicky - something that tells you where the police are.

Most times too, they will also tell you where the garage door openers and security systems are as well.

She defeated Pell, the strongest warrior in Alabasta, with little effort. 0, or Crocodile was the leader and strongest member.

As a Shichibukai, a Logia, and a man with a bounty of 81 million, he was the first villain to defeat Luffy and the only person to do it twice.

The ranking order among the organization goes by numbers; the smaller the number, the higher the rank an agent has. 2, all made of a male/female pairing that are named after the male agent (e.g., Mr. 0´s true identity until he revealed it to them in Rain Base. The 13th pair are the punishers and they punish any agents that fail in their missions.

Below the higher ranking agents, there are 2000 subordinate agents called Millions and Billions.

Baroque Works' known operation locations outside of Alabasta are Whiskey Peak and Little Garden. 3, four of the top Baroque Work Members got sent to Impel Down for their crimes.

Billions are also the men due to be promoted in the Baroque Works ranking system into number agents, and are said to be just as powerful as Baroque Works' number agents that have numbers higher than ten.

The possibility of becoming a number agent appears to make the Billions rather power hungry, as a majority of the things they do that they are not ordered to do revolve around being promoted and are perfectly willing to kill their own members to become promoted. Millions are henchmen working under the Frontier Agents.

Crocodile's ambitions, as well as the entire organization itself, were crushed by the Straw Hat Pirates, who came to Alabasta to help their good friend, Princess Nefeltari Vivi. There, they assisted their former enemy, Luffy, in breaking out of Impel Down to rescue Ace.

After Crocodile was defeated, Alabasta was saved and Vivi, who wanted to join, decided to stay as a princess of Alabasta. There are differences between male agents code names and female agents code names; male agents get a number in their name, while female agents are named after days and holidays (Officer Agents are holidays while Frontier Agents are days as well as Mother's and Father's Day). On top of the organization is the boss Crocodile, who calls himself "Mr. Below this top pair there are thirteen main pairs of agents who take orders directly from the top, although they did not know Mr. They are spread out all over the first few islands of the Grand Line and raise funds to sponsor the activities of Baroque Works by attacking pirate ships that just arrived in the Grand Line.

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The radar detector, fuzz buster, radar jammer, laser detector, or whatever else you want to call it can be one of the most useful tools on the highway.

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